What would be the Advantages of Becoming a Fan Club Member?

Members Have:

  • The chance to see the newest videos before release

  • Meet and Greet with Rob after concert

  • Discount on Rob Georg Products

  • Access to unpublished pics and videos and different free & special offers

Membership Contains:

  • Validation for 1 year

  • A Club Kit include a special Gift 

  • A Club Passport (don't forget to bring it with you for the show you can do entry of the dates the location & Rob can put is autograph on it!)

As A Member You Will Also:

  • Meeting once a year with the Club & Rob

  • Get Discount on Rob Georg products

  • Participate in draws of special prices

  • Participate at Differents Contest

  • Have access to exclusive backstage and studio material

  • Be able to ask your questions & get them answered by Rob in a video

  • Get a personalized birthday greeting video from Rob

  • After a live stream event Rob will meet with the members on ZOOM an invitation will be send to the members by email

The  Membership Fees are $25.00 

Members Renew  $10.00

If you are; Health Care Worker, Army Member, Police Officer, Firefighter Truckdriver its




As soon as we received the membership fees your Club kit will be send to you. Make sure to enter your mailing address in the message field in the form below.


We will do our best to keep you distracted, hopefully you will enjoy the entertainment!

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