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A M B E R  

Rob's music touch everyone old or young! 

On this page the kids will be invited to interact with Rob & his life style.

Music is the leader to your soul!

Animals are also leader to your heart! 

Even better when you combine both together!


Caterpillars Miracle

On a beautiful Sunny day Miss Ants and her babies were taking a walk in a beautiful Garden!

They arrived face to face with a Caterpillar! He was so tired he was looking for a place to rest for the winter and he finally found one in this beautiful garden made for the Butterflies; finally I am home he said!!!


The littles Ants started to make fun of him telling him is color was terrible but he didn't listen to them he kept working on his house! They kept screaming this place is too beautiful for him and he was to ugly for this beautiful Garden!

Mamma Ants was not happy with her little one! Stop bullying Mister Caterpillar; let me tell you a story about him!

Next year at spring time Mister Caterpillar will change in a Beautiful, COLORFUL; Butterfly and he will have more color then you! He will be able to fly around but you my little one you will always stay Ants on the ground!

Now please my little one stop judging your friends. You will always stay a Strong Ants and your friend will become a beautiful flying butterfly who will help you harvest when times comes.  

Lets love each other no matter what species or color we are!

The Shinning Star

Somewhere on a farm this little Bunny Rabbit was looking for his carrots!

He looked in the barn, in the garden no carrots!






He runs into the field saw Misses Cow asked her






Misses Cow said; I saw Mister Snowman wearing it Last winter!

That was the last time I saw it! 

Maybe Mister Snowman took it with him at the spring festival!

Bunny Rabbit continue his research, Mister Horsy have you seen my carrots sticks?  Yeah I saw one at the Spring Festival I was pulling the wagon for the farmer and suddenly on the ground there it was, exactly where Mister Snowman left it!




I worked really hard and I was hungry so now it’s in my belly!

Been there a long, long time!

Bunny?  Misses Cow told me that the nice farmer got a field full of carrots

for everyone here on the farm.

Bunny spend all day looking for his carrots,

now that the moon replaced the sun in the sky! 

Bunny is laying down in the field of carrots looking at the stars!

We are bless the farmer is my shining Star!

** From Amber ** 

Thank You

For Your Prayers


Do you have a pet at home? 

Send me a picture of your best friend with his/her name.

Don't forget to give me your name.

Tell me what your favorite activity you do together.

I will post the picture on the page! 



Who's Your Best Friend

Smokey (Berger Malinois)

Watching over his baby brother Deano

Hugo & his Daddy

Me Skout, with my buddy, my best friend, MY DAD

Peaches with Dad waiting on her new Family!!

Peaches on the Big Day!

Gilette Love Her Carrots! She Is Always Looking For One!!

Pistache Taking is Afternoon Sunbath!! 

Romeo enjoyed Halloween Party with the kids!!

Blue taking is afternoon nap!!



In our Comments section send us the name that you think will be perfect for him!


Rob  is helping children to discover their love for music. 

He  was there for them when they participated  in a music contest;  Helping them with there song;  Wonderful song about the PLANET &  the RESPECT  we should give to our world & this precious earth of us!   



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