T E A M     R O B

Rob Georg 

Rob grew up on a Ranch, doesn’t  even remember the first time he rode!  When asked, he replied; 3 months he says with Dad.  I rode before I walked!

Always had the love for music thanks to his grandmother who loved to sign!

Rob is a German Rancher! Raising sheep & Border Collies!  His furry friends are his right hand man! Guiding the sheep and the cattles around the Ranch!

Summer time comes with cattles for him! 

Rob also discover the passion for Cutting,

thanks to Dean Terry, his trainer,

who passed away in January 2018 and

for whom Rob wrote the song PUSH THAT HORN!


Rob his a gentle Soul with wings of an Angel!


Rob & Nathalie  

Nathalie Deschamps 


Nathalie was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in the middle of a snow storm!   She grew up with gold fish & a turtle.  


Kept her mom too busy to get a dog!


The love for horses is also in her blood, her great grandfather was breeding horses!  


She started to ride at 10 years old. Summer times came,  she kept busy in her pool, read books while listening to    Kenny Rogers music!

As a teenager she found a summer job working with sheep and in exchange  she was allowed to ride the horses.

Dean Terry